Video Creation And Video SEO

Video creation is one of the fastest, easiest and most effective ways to market your business online. But as a business owner, you may wonder what types of videos you should create in order to increase company revenue.

This is where so many businesses struggle with their marketing. They’ve mastered On page and Off page SEO, online reviews and citations, and they’ve mastered social media, but video seems to be the last piece of the puzzle.

Let’s take a look at some of the best types of video creation for your market…

Video Customer Testimonials

Are you selling a product or service? Are you looking to build your brand on the Internet? Have your customers create video testimonials talking positively about your products and services.

In truth, people love reading customer testimonials. But what’s even more relevant is watching them on video. People will sit for hours and watch video testimonials just to find out if their contemporaries have enjoyed the products and services that they are interested in.

Consider this as a powerful marketing scheme.

Video Demonstrations

Do you sell a unique product? Do you offer a unique service?

Your customers might want to learn more about your product or service before they are willing to spend their hard-earned money. If you create a video demonstration and promote it on the Internet, your potential customers will be able to see this product or service in action. They will be able to decide for themselves if it’s right for them.

Use video creation as the smart way to build your brand and market your business online.

Video is increasingly becoming more important in terms of customer engagement, trust development and conversion.
For these reasons all businesses should be developing video channels to connect and inform potential customers.

by Paul O’Reilly