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Paul O’Reilly

Paul O'Reilly SEO Specialist

Welcome, I’m Paul O’Reilly and I run the Dublin SEO Expert Digital Agency. Now with the introductions completed lets get down to business.

You arrived on this page as a result of our internet marketing and search engine optimization methods.

This site is ranking top of Google for all the high traffic SEO related terms. This is the only marketing method we use to promote our sites and we get calls and email enquiries every day from business owners wanting to hire our services. This is how powerful SEO is. By ranking top of Google for these keywords: SEO Dublin, Dublin SEO, SEO specialist, SEO expert, SEO company, SEO services Dublin and many more, results in a continuous stream of clients.

If you are serious about dominating your industry within Google, contact us now. We only work with one company per niche, so call us before your competition does.

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“Get Your Business Website Found On Google”

Do you have a business website? 

Do you want more traffic to your website?

Do you want this extra traffic to turn into customers? 

Are you sick of your competition taking up the top positions in


Are you convinced hiring an SEO expert can help you outrank all your

competition and steal all their traffic and keywords? Eh…


OK so you need some convincing on the last statement. No problem, read on and I’ll explain how:

Ranking at the top of Google for your relevant keywords is probably the most powerful thing you can do for your business regarding getting more customers. Think about it, what do people do nowadays when they’re looking to buy a product or service. Take out the Goldenpages? No. Open a newspaper? No. Listen to the radio? No. The majority of people go online, either on their smartphone, tablet or desktop/laptop. Imagine being the first business they see by being top of Google for that search term. You will get laser targeted traffic to your site of customers wanting your product/service.

If you would like me to apply this to your business website, call Paul on 0872961878. I can only take on one client per niche and the slots are steadily filling up.

Improve Rankings

Improve Rankings

Improve your rankings in Google for your selected keywords. This will help drive organic traffic to your site and increase customers.

Generate Traffic

Generate Traffic

It stands to reason the more traffic to your website the more money you generate. We focus on driving traffic to increase your customer base.

Boost Business

Boost Business

An optimization action plan is one of the most effective ways to boost your business. It results in highly targeted traffic to your site. This is in stark contrast to media marketing.

Google Penalty Recovery

Penalty Recovery

Has your site suffered a drop in traffic recently. This will be from a Google penalty. Don’t throw in the towel. I can help your site recover. Call 0872961878.

What We Do:

We are specialists providing services that can help drive customers to your website. From search engine optimization to social media management we offer the marketing solutions a business needs to have a successful online presence.

With our proven website ranking strategies, you’ll turn strangers into visitors, visitors into leads, and those leads into customers.

Our services are geared to increase your website’s traffic which in turn will promote your brand or service, generating leads.

Our customer generation methods are founded on Search Engine Optimization. Many business’ were slapped down in the last Google Panda and Penguin updates. None of our clients sites have been affected, in fact most are now in a more dominant position than before the Google updates.

We provide a results based service. If you’re looking to get first-time ranking, fix dated optimization techniques or send an existing site to the top, we provide the expertise and tools to make it happen. Call Paul on 0872961878.

What Is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the method of ranking websites for their relevant keywords. For example, if you own Acme Locksmiths and are based in Dublin, hiring an expert will help your website ranked on for relevant keywords like “locksmiths Dublin, Dublin locksmiths, locksmiths in Dublin, locksmiths” etc…Ranking your website results in a huge increase in calls and business.

Can It Help My Business?

Yes. If you currently get customers from the internet, properly optimizing your website can definitely help your business. For some businesses SEO is not a good fit and hiring an expert doesn’t give a good return on investment, but for most the investment is a fraction of the business you will receive.


I get asked this every day. I hate giving the answer I give, which is “It depends”.

Each business  is different, which different needs, different competition and different goals.

So the “one size fits all” pricing model doesn’t wash.

I can tell you the 2 factors that determine the cost and they are:

  1. How many customers I can direct to your site per month.
  2. The average value of each spending customer.

Lets take the example of a “Bouncy Castle Company”.

The average cost to hire a bouncy castle for the day is 100.

Lets say I can direct 20 paying customer to the site per month. This will add 2000 euro to the companies bottom line every month.

Hiring an website optimization expert results in a great return on investment.

Paul O’Reilly

Paul O'Reilly - SEO Expert

Paul O’Reilly

Paul O'Reilly - SEO Expert

Paul O’Reilly

Paul O'Reilly - SEO Expert

What We Can Do For You?

We will help you gain all of the leads you are losing to your competitors that are ranked higher than you in Google.

We Do It All

Nothing is outsourced. No black hat tactics or cutting corners. I will treat your website likes it’s my own. I draw up the SEO campaign and carry it out until your site is ranking top 3 in Google.

No Contracts

Month-to-month contracts. If you’re paying for results and your current SEO Dublin company aren’t delivering why should you be forced to stick around paying for something that’s giving no return on investment.

Paul O’Reilly

Paul O'Reilly SEO Specialist