Local SEO

Local SEO is essentially helping local businesses get higher in the search engine rankings in their local area.
Targetting localised keywords and search terms e.g “locksmiths Clontarf”.

Business owners in Dublin can really benefit from the positive and powerful effects of local. Search engine optimization is the perfect way to get your company message out in front of the right potential prospects and future customers.
Think about it…
When somebody goes to a search engine, they already know exactly what they’re looking for. If they type in keyword phrases that eventually bring them to your website, the odds are in your favor that they are going to spend money on your site or through contacting you to purchase one of your products and services.
Here are three tips that all Irish small business owners should take to heart when it comes to local optimization…
Tip #1: Focus on Keyword Research to Expand Your Customer Base
Focusing on the correct keyword phrases is the most important part of any search engine optimization campaign. When optimizing content (on page SEO)for the search engines, you want searchers to be able type in specific keyword phrases that will lead them directly to your website.
You can perform keyword research by using the Google keyword planner. You’ll have to set up an account with Google – don’t worry it’s free – in order to maximize the benefits of the service. They will deliver the most keywords if you set up a free account.
Use this research to find out exactly which phrases your customers are using to search, and then optimize your website so that your pages rank highly in the search engines for those phrases.
Tip #2: Create Shareable, Original Content
Creating original, shareable content is fantastic for a couple of reasons.
First of all, when people love your content and share it all over the Internet, you will get a ton of free backlinks pointing back to your site. This will help boost the overall credibility of your website and make you an authority in your niche.
Second, having your content shared all over the Internet will get you in front of more prospects and potential paying customers. The best way to bring new customers into the fold is to have them find you, and if they find your viral content then you are definitely doing something right.
Tip #3: Remember to Be Patient
Finally, search engine optimization is somewhat of a slower process. You do not achieve instant gratification with this marketing method. But it’s worth it overall, and once your SEO kicks in, expect business to start blooming.

by Paul O’Reilly