On Page SEO

Are you trying to rank highly in the Google search engine? You’ve probably heard of search engine optimization. If you haven’t, it’s a way to turn the search engine results to your advantage. It consists of on page SEO and off page SEO, as well as a number of other techniques to help improve search rankings.
We would like to discuss everything related to on page SEO today. We’ll tell you why it’s important and exactly what you should do to help improve web rankings.
Let’s get to it…
What Is On Page Optimization?
Every search engine optimization specialist should understand the power of proper on page optimization. This process consists of:
• Targeting the right keywords for your niche.
• Adding meta-tags to your content.
• Adding keyword rich meta-descriptions.
• Adding social sharing buttons to your content.
• Creating a website viewable on multiple devices, including PC, Laptop, Tablet, Kindle, Smart Phone and more.
What Are the Most Important Factors of On Page Optimization?
Each one of the things mentioned above have their own level of importance when it comes to search engine optimization. Keyword targeting is important because you want your website to rank highly for the correct keyword phrases. Proper targeting will allow that.
Meta-tags will show Google and other search engines what your website is all about. Adding the correct tags will help boost your rankings.
Keyword rich meta-descriptions will also help improve rankings. It’s one more way to show Google what your site is about.
Social sharing is huge with search engine optimization. You must add social media sharing buttons to all of your content. The more your content is shared, the better chance it will have to rank.
Last but not least, make your website multi device friendly. This will guarantee that your target market is viewing it on all of their favorite devices.

On Page SEO is basically setting up your on page parameters so the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) can easily identify what your site (webpage) is about. By doing this properly you are giving yourself a much better chance for ranking higher. On page SEO concentrates on your website content and how it’s structured. Whereas off page SEO mainly focuses on the sites pointing back to your site.

by Paul O’Reilly