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How To Make Local SEO Work For You

Some people don’t realize just how useful local SEO is but there are some statistics out there that will teach you more about it. Almost half of the searches people do on Google are for local results. This means that people are using the largest search site in the world to check out information that is relevant to them depending on where they live. When you don’t have your company listed locally, it can lead to you losing out on money.

A third of people searching on mobile devices are looking for information or something before going to stores. The fact is, people are going to look up anything before they go shopping because wasting money is a bummer.

Most are going to buy something on the internet if they can save on it but they may also use the info they get to purchase stuff locally. More than half of people that search for something locally use that information to help them buy something offline.

Almost all searchers look up a map on Google before they head out to it to make sure they know where it is and many searches lead people to a company phone number so they can learn more.

The wearable and mobile devices people are using are growing quickly, too, and a lot of people are going to use these things to help them learn more about businesses in their area. If people use the internet and make a purchase, ,then it makes sense to use SEO to get you more sales.

What Affects Your Local SEO Results?

If you want to rank locally, there are some variables that you have to get right so you’re able to get to the top. Google has only 3 spots for local businesses in their packs and that means you may have a hard time trying to rank if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Get to know what it takes to rank well through local SEO here:


Google is not going to keep their search results the same and they change all the time to help people find what they’re looking for more easily. You used to be able to rank no matter who you were but now you need links that lead to you online from other authority websites in your niche if you want good results.

Location is still pretty important but just because you have a company in a good spot locally if you’re not being talked about online and linked to it may lead to problems. For a local company, getting links from people in your area is helpful. You may want to work with link directories and things like that if you want to get your site up there, but make sure you use specific options instead of general directories.

Authority sites linking to your pages is the best option if you want to get ranking help.

On-Page Is Helpful!

When you want local SEO to work for you, it’s important to pay attention to on page factors. If you want a local company to show up then you need to talk about what you offer and where you’re located. You don’t want to make this too complicated, so get to the point. You have to think about what people want to see when they check out your site so they can choose you or at least learn what they need to know.

Some things that you have to work on if you want on-page SEO to work for you include image descriptions, meta taags, and maps that show people how to get to your building.

Factor In Off Page Variables

Google will look up whether or not your listing and page’s information is what they find on other sites, as well. That’s why you need to make sure everything is consistent like your address and phone number across the internet. If you use your company name, phone number, and address on other sites that you control, change the listings if anything changes so you can keep your ranking high.

Citations can also help if you want SEO to work well for you. They are listings that have to do with your company that are on directories and on different social media sites. The citations must be consistent for a local search ranking that’s high.

A company that has bad online listings needs to be something you work carefully on fixing if you want a good change at success. You can find tools and tutorials online that help you with every aspect of this if you’ll be working on it soon.