Digital Agency San Diego

Digital Agency San Diego

Rankify Media is a digital agency in San Diego that manages all aspects of a person’s (or a business’s) digital footprint. From reputation management to listing services to social media and websites, and everything in-between; Rankify Media does it all! Starting with your social media accounts, we’ll get you on the digital road to success in no time!

Social Media

Arguably the cornerstone of all digital marketing, social media is crucially important to anyone with an online presence today. Whether you own a local mom and pop shop with a website, or you’re a full-time blogger monetizing websites for a living, social media is king!

With Rankify Media, we never apply a one-size-fits-all strategy for our clients’ social media campaigns. Rather, we take the time to get to know each client we work for, learning the ins and outs of their businesses, their goals, their industries, and their niches, and then formulate a robust social media plan based on those factors.

If you don’t have a strong social media presence right now; don’t worry! Rankify Media is a well-connected digital agency in San Diego, and we bring lots of knowledge and experience to the table. We’ll build up your social media accounts, winning you new followers, participating on social media, creating and posting content, and we’ll decide which social media platforms are best for you.

Reputation Management

Knowing when to respond to a negative review and when not to is like splitting hairs. Yet, it is crucial that you get this right! Arguing with someone who leaves a negative review for your business online is like fighting with a pig – you both get dirty, but the pig likes it. Other times, customers may have legitimate complaints. Perhaps they bought something and didn’t receive it on time, maybe they had a bad experience with your brand, or perhaps they didn’t get what they paid for. In situations like these, it is absolutely important to respond. Sometimes, a simple apology and saying what you are going to do to rectify the problem can have a huge impact on your reputation and put a positive spin on a negative review.

When you hire Rankify Media, we will closely monitor all mentions, reviews, and listings, making sure we highlight your best reviews and suppress or clean up any negative reviews. Of course, this is only a tiny fraction of reputation management, but you may contact Rankify Media if you would like to create PR campaign with us.


Being found on various listing sites isn’t just a luxury, it’s a necessity. Although there are conflicting views about the importance of listings, especially as it pertains to SEO, the power of listings is undeniable! Rankify Media will make sure that your listings are current and accurate. You will discover that your local business is found more readily when you register with the more than 300 directories and websites that we list on.

Digital Agency San Diego