Boise Web Development

Boise Web Development

It is confusing trying to understand the different roles of a web design agency and web developers in Boise ID, when you are getting started with website creation. Website design sounds like the creative process of making beautiful things with color, typography, and graphics, whereas development is a more laborious and tedious process. Unfortunately, our website design and development ideas are usually off the mark and do not help us understand which one we need.

Should you hire a web designer or web developer?

Boise web development professionals build the site’s structure using programming languages, while designers use their visual creativity to improve the appearance. Thus, both professionals complement one another in building websites, despite their utterly different expertise.

Hiring a web developer

Web developers build a maintain the framework of the site with technical coding skills. They usually know complex programming languages like Java, PHP, and Ruby, among other know-hows like the working of the Internet. The kind of developer you hire depends on what you need on your website:


The front-end developer oversees the site’s visual aspect and will often work in collaboration with the designer. They will focus on functional elements like scrolling, site navigation, and styling elements to match the brand. For example, you may need a front-end developer if you have frames and mockups from the website designer and need further coding to put everything into the perspective of your brand.

Back-end developer

These developers ensure that the website runs well by maintaining back-end codes on the server. In addition, they take care of everything from third-party integrations and programs to create dependable databases for all your front-end website processes.

Full-stack developer

These designers handle all parts of the website from the back to the end. Their primary role is to develop a vision of the site and its functionalities to match user operations. Most full-stack developers will write the entire code by themselves, especially for small projects. However, you can hire these developers when you want to conceptualize an idea into an actual website.

When to hire a web designer

A web design company deals with everything from the site’s usability to visual aesthetics. They may not do a lot of coding like the developer, but they are responsible for the impressions on your site. In addition, these professionals are fundamental in increasing digital awareness by working on issues such as:

  • Color schemes
  • Design logos
  • Branding strategies
  • Layout forms
  • User interface
  • Information flow
  • Brand style
  • Updating the site’s design features
  • Designing responsive landing pages

Do you need web designers in Boise ID? These professionals work on the front-end of the site and never venture into the back-end functionality. It helps hire a web designer because they can use programming languages like CSS and HTML to refine your visuals. You will save yourself plenty of time and attract the right target audience because they will accurately transform your concepts into reality with custom features.

The above breakdown will give you an idea of who you need for Boise web design. We, however, encourage you to submit a list of what you would like on your website to assign the right professional to your website. Start your project today by submitting a project planner.